New screen prints

Now I have no university work to get on with I’ve been getting on with some prints just for fun. Here are two that I’ve finished, hope you like. It’s been nice to work on something for myself that I know won’t be marked, however it is hard getting my head around the fact I’ve finished university and will be going into the real world…


Degree Exhibition 2012

Well the exhibition day came and went as did my assessment. Both seemed to go well and the exhibition opening was so much fun (not to mention the lovely night out celebrating).

I had hoped to get a blog post up before the exhibition with pictures of how the set up was going, however, sadly I didn’t get chance to.

… So I thought I would do a ‘before and after’ style thing for this post and therefore you can expect it to be very long and full of pictures. I also have a feeling writing this out will take me all night… To make this post extra special I will also include websites to the artists featured in this post, so if you like what you see you can give them a look. Yay for the internet!

Here are some pictures of my space and work, just to get them out of the way.

Here is Corrina’s space before and after:

And yay for selling this beautiful print:

Carly was the lovely lady exhibiting next to me and she sold the most in the show congrats!

Elysia made a beautiful book which brought tears to my eyes:

These are Polina’s paintings which I think are just incredible!

Hannah did portraiture from life (including one of myself hehe)

Lastly here is a terrible picture of Tom’s space (sorry Tom…). And I would just like to mention that I find Tom’s work very creepy which is a fact I think he is very pleased with – knowing that he has creeped me out! But his paintings would be the perfect setting for a zombie apocalypse.

And as this post has taken me so long to do I will now list all the websites I gathered from business cards so if you want a look you can : )

Camilla Gambari

Sam Cuddy

Lea Adams

Jennifer Wright

Hollie Smith

Jade Hegarty

Siobhan Grace Rodriquez

Ashley Ferguson

Josie Doyle

Steinar ‘Felix’ Dahl

There were plenty more to see! And I haven’t even started on the post graduates work yet. Oh my… I’ll leave that for another night.

As it’s an art blog

I actually got round to scanning some random pictures from my sketchbook and thought I would share them with you! This year I have fallen in love with ink wash and watercolour, they are so lovely to use… I would put some cheesy heart symbol right now but I am trying to look cool. Feedback is much appreciated, yes even the bad!

Also I will be hanging my work up in the exhibition space tomorrow and go around the rooms taking pictures so hopefully there will be a nice looooong post full of images <3

… Oh dear, I lost my cool.







Sneak peek and exhibition spaces

Today I finished painting the space where I will exhibit my work for my degree show. Everything is looking very bright and white. In fact so white, it hurts to look into the rooms! (although the pictures I have taken do not give the brightness justice…).

The first picture is what my space looks like. One long flat wall! It’s been very fun painting and tidying the boards, and chatting to the lovely lady Carly who is exhibiting next to me.


And my friend Hollie took a photo of me and my space together (note the fashionable oversized shirt I am modeling).


I decided to go around the room and take snapshots of a few fellow printmaker’s spaces. I will include them as a nice sentimental touch : )


This is where my friend Natalie will show her work (she creates beautiful lithographs)


Here is where my friend and housemate Elysia will show her dry point prints which she has used to make her own book.


And this is where the lovely Corrina will show her etchings based around her brother. She is just as obsessed with her sibling as I am!


And this is Hollie next to her very clean and tidy space!

Also I thought I would include some sneak peek pictures of my screen prints that will be in the exhibition:




And that is all for now. I will keep documenting the process of the exhibition and get some more images of work up soon :)

What to say?

I am not great with the modern age of blogging. Additionally I’m not very organised. Not to mention my terrible writing skills.

So why start a blog when all my characteristics will make this a painful exercise for me? – And I am not joking, I struggle articulating my thoughts and it uses up a lot of my energy. However, it would seem that blogging helps make an artist get noticed. And I would very much like to be an artist.

So I guess I will have to keep this blogging up no matter how hard I find it! You never know, I may end up enjoying it. So I apologise in advance for my terrible grammer and I thank you in advance for taking time to read about little old me : )

Currently I am putting together my graduate exhibition and I hope to blog again very soon dedicating a post to that and ¬†at some point I will pester my friend in to helping me post pictures of my work (yes I am that bad with technology…)

So until then, farewell and I hope you all have a wonderful day xx