Artist Spotlight: Andi Watson

The artist I will be showcasing today is Andi Watson, an artist I have admired for many years (just counted and it’s been ten which is a long time considering I’m only 22). I first came to hear of Andi when my stepfather introduced me to his work and informed me that he used to illustrate for Buffy and being the massive Buffy fan that I was I automatically thought he was amazing. This was later reinforced when I received a drawing of Buffy and Angel by him from my mother and stepfather for Christmas. This would become a prized possession in my adolescent years.

Skip forward ten years and I am still a Andi Watson and Buffy fan plus our house has a growing Andi Watson collection. It does help that both my mother and my stepfather like his work so we can all oogle at it together. He not only can draw, but he also writes, with many comics and graphic novels up his sleeve (some being Breakfast After Noon, Clubbing and Love Fights). He even has a web comic!

But most of all I love his tumblr page

I think the way he draws women is beautiful. Sometimes I get tired with how women and young girls are overused as subject matter in the art world, furthermore, most of the time they are either sexualised or objectified ,or just boringly conventionally beautiful. However, Andi Waston seems to be able to draw women in a way I do not tire from or which does not give me an unsettling feeling in my stomach, which is a very good thing :)

And now my ramblings are over I will get to the fun bit: putting up the pictures!

This last picture is a painting by Andi that we have in our hallway :)


Christmas Cards and high five baby Jesus

Howdy everyone! It’s that time of year again when the Christmas panic sets in and the shops have already been selling festive related things from the beginning of October. Ahhhh sweet commercialism!

In comparison to most shops I have been a bit late on getting all my xmas related cards onto my esty shop, however this would be understandable if you knew me and how slow-as-a-sloth I am. But yay, they are now up on my shop and hopefully there are still some people out there who are not yet prepared for the holiday season and would like a creepy looking baby Jesus to send to their loved ones. Here is a little preview of the cards I have for sale with the designs taken from original paintings by myself, and they come with pretty gold envelopes (really fallen in love with the colour gold these past few months!).

And if you are tempted by weird snow-thingies you can find them for sale on my etsy shop :)

In an unrelated topic, I went to Aberystwyth this week to visit some friends which was a nice little break and while there I went to my favourite shop of all time Her Dandy Wolf. If you ever manage to visit Aberystwyth definitely make time to visit this shop and support an independent business!

Now time to work and catch up on my ‘to do list’. All the best, Corinthia x

Artist Spotlight: Stella Im Hultberg

I thought it was about time I did another post about an artist I like, and seeing as I haven’t got anything to write regarding my own work, now would be a better time then any.

The artist I wish to talk about today is Stella Im Hultberg: this sweet looking lady here…

(Stella Im Hultberg at her exhibition Memento Mori at Thinkspace Gallery 2009)

In particular I love Stella’s portraits and the blobby (I couldn’t think of a better word to describe it :( ) hairstyles. I think I am drawn to these as they are more stylised and draw you in to their expressions and exaggerated features. They are also reminiscent of my favourite Gustav Klimt painting The Sirens 1889, which itself has had a huge influence on my work. One day I hope Stella Im Hultberg might get to see my work and that I could thank her for being such a major influence in my own artistic evolution.

And now I’ve said all I needed, I can now fill the post with pictures yay!

Crescere pencil and acrylic on hand cut wood 2012

Let Go mixed media on wood 2009

Day Dreaming II mixed media on panel

Gustav Klimt The Sirens oil on canvas 1889

Additionally, another reason why Stella Im Hultberg is amazing is that she lives in Brooklyn! The one place in the world I wish I could live! Lucky lady :)

Oh… And she has pet cats which automatically makes her amazing.

So it’s been a while…

Hello world. Yes I am still alive!

I apologise for being away so long internet world! It would seem leaving university and moving back home took quite it’s effect on me. I suppose if it were just myself and my parents at home it would have been easier to adjust back into the swing of things alas, however, I have also had to share a house with a two year old and a five year old (not to mention this five year old was on her school holidays…). It is one thing to move back in with your parents and another thing completely to move in with children who you strangely feel you need to act like a third parent towards… Albeit, even with all the readjusting we had to do it is great to be home and see my little brother and sister grow. Plus I get to brainwash my little sister into the arts *insert evil laugh*.

I found that as the months went on and I hadn’t written anything on here I began to feel somewhat nervous about actually getting back on here and writing something! So now I am having to bite the bullet and just get on with it if I’m determined to create any sort of art career for myself.

Now where to start. Firstly I suppose a quick lowdown of my summer. In August some friends and myself had a table at the Alternative Press Fair. It was great fun and there was lots of inspirational work around us! I would definitely like to do more fairs in the future but for now I think I will need to establish my work first.

Secondly, as we are slowly redecorating every room in our house I haven’t felt it wise to buy expensive screen printing equipment just yet so I have been painting a lot more, mainly with gouache, watercolour and ink. It has been rather fun creating work which I know won’t be marked and I no longer need to think if is up to ‘fine art degree’ standards or if my lecturers will approve. To tell the truth, making what ever I feel like has been liberating…

Another thing I wish to mention is my recent phone upgrade means I now have access to apps and in particular Instagram! Yes I think it is great and if that makes me some hipster freak so be it! I have to say I much prefer snapping pictures and posting them than using either Twitter or Facebook. And now for the rest of this blog I can bombard the page with Instagram pictures of my work yay!

Oh and before I forget I have an etsy page: So please take a look if you have a minute :) I hope to get more work up over the next few weeks and fingers crossed I can start feeling like I might actually have chance of becoming a self employed artist…

Thank you for your time by reading this post and I hope you have a great evening/day/night!