A small update

Just wanted to post a few scans I did today which I have already spammed all over most of my social media networks. Poor people must be sick of the sight of the images by now! Still, I have my wordpress blog to spam now though :)

I’ve slowly been going through a pile of drawings which I need to paint. I thought if I had all the drawings done first it might help me work a bit faster but I’ve found I just start drawing ever more without going back to finish any… Oops. Here are some I’ve managed to actually complete…


‘The Ghost’

5″ x 7″


‘Shadow of Death’

5″ x 7″


‘The Good Boy’

ACEO 2.5″ x 3.5″



ACEO 2.5″ x 3.5″

Oh and before I forget I have put lots of original work for sale on my etsy shop now and reduced the price of some older works. They need nice homes where they will be appreciated properly :)


Artist Spotlight: Andi Watson

The artist I will be showcasing today is Andi Watson, an artist I have admired for many years (just counted and it’s been ten which is a long time considering I’m only 22). I first came to hear of Andi when my stepfather introduced me to his work and informed me that he used to illustrate for Buffy and being the massive Buffy fan that I was I automatically thought he was amazing. This was later reinforced when I received a drawing of Buffy and Angel by him from my mother and stepfather for Christmas. This would become a prized possession in my adolescent years.

Skip forward ten years and I am still a Andi Watson and Buffy fan plus our house has a growing Andi Watson collection. It does help that both my mother and my stepfather like his work so we can all oogle at it together. He not only can draw, but he also writes, with many comics and graphic novels up his sleeve (some being Breakfast After Noon, Clubbing and Love Fights). He even has a web comic!

But most of all I love his tumblr page

I think the way he draws women is beautiful. Sometimes I get tired with how women and young girls are overused as subject matter in the art world, furthermore, most of the time they are either sexualised or objectified ,or just boringly conventionally beautiful. However, Andi Waston seems to be able to draw women in a way I do not tire from or which does not give me an unsettling feeling in my stomach, which is a very good thing :)

And now my ramblings are over I will get to the fun bit: putting up the pictures!

This last picture is a painting by Andi that we have in our hallway :)

Artist Spotlight: Stella Im Hultberg

I thought it was about time I did another post about an artist I like, and seeing as I haven’t got anything to write regarding my own work, now would be a better time then any.

The artist I wish to talk about today is Stella Im Hultberg: this sweet looking lady here…

(Stella Im Hultberg at her exhibition Memento Mori at Thinkspace Gallery 2009)

In particular I love Stella’s portraits and the blobby (I couldn’t think of a better word to describe it :( ) hairstyles. I think I am drawn to these as they are more stylised and draw you in to their expressions and exaggerated features. They are also reminiscent of my favourite Gustav Klimt painting The Sirens 1889, which itself has had a huge influence on my work. One day I hope Stella Im Hultberg might get to see my work and that I could thank her for being such a major influence in my own artistic evolution.

And now I’ve said all I needed, I can now fill the post with pictures yay!

Crescere pencil and acrylic on hand cut wood 2012

Let Go mixed media on wood 2009

Day Dreaming II mixed media on panel

Gustav Klimt The Sirens oil on canvas 1889

Additionally, another reason why Stella Im Hultberg is amazing is that she lives in Brooklyn! The one place in the world I wish I could live! Lucky lady :)

Oh… And she has pet cats which automatically makes her amazing.