Facebook page, papercut art and feminism

At the beginning of the year I helped run a workshop at Ceredigion Museum in Aberyswyth where we used papercuts made from black card to tell the story of Peter Pan as a shadow puppet play. I thoroughly enjoyed making the papercuts and always thought about making more. Now I have finally been able to get around to doing so and yesterday, at last, I received some spray mount in the post so I could stick together all the pieces and tick it off my to do list :)

I am thinking of putting them up for sale on my etsy shop the only problem is I am not sure how much to sell them for so if anyone has any recommendation prices I would be very happy to hear them!

Here are the some pictures of the competed ones. I’m hoping to do even more, I find the process rather therapeutic.


photo (3)

photo (2)


photo (4)


Besides making papercuts I have also set up my own Facebook page which was strange because after I had put it all together I suddenly felt very self conscious and embarrassed, questioning myself and wondering if people will judge me and think my work is awful. To be completely honest, I often doubt my abilities and a little voice in the back of my mind tells me I won’t make it as an artist for my work isn’t very good and no one will ever want to buy it. Some days it is harder to have confidence in myself than others but I just have to reassure myself that most creative people harbour these thoughts, and I always think their work is great even if they do not themselves. However, this last week has been quite bad for thinking these thoughts but I am determined not to let them control me :)

On a different note, this morning I had an interesting discussion about women’s equality and feminism with my stepfather. We were both voicing our concerns about the objectification, sexualisation and unfair treatment of women in our culture/society. My stepfather’s main worry was how this would impact my little sister as she grows (she is now 5 and has already made remarks about her weight, fretting that she was fat). Whereas, I not only worry for my sister but for all women and myself. A day does not go by where something reminds me and reinforces the fear that I am a second class citizen, furthermore, that my only value as a woman is whether I am hot and being regarded by society as a ‘fuckable’ play thing.

After our discussion this morning I felt I had to get on my laptop and read/watch all the articles and lectures which reassure me there are people in the world who feel the same as I and are fighting for the equality of all. I wish to share these with you now and hope you find them as interesting as I do, and if they open your eyes a little (as they did mine) it will be even the better :)

Byron Hurt is a interesting man and in this article he truthfully talks about his journey to feminism and the impact it’s had on the way he now sees the world:  www.theroot.com/views/why-i-am-male-feminist

Killing us Softly is a lecture by Jil Kilbourne which she has been giving for the last 30 years. She brings into light the portrayal of women in advertising and how this has a detrimental impact on women, society, culture and they way we interact with and see our bodies: www.documentarylovers.net/killing-us-softly-4-advertising-women/

Men and Feminism is a Facebook page which often provides links to great articles and images: http://www.facebook.com/mfeminism

One more link for now is the website feminist frequency which is ran by the amazing Anita Sharkeesian who critiques the role of women in popular culture: www.feministfrequency.com She is truly inspiring :)